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The usage of mobile phones is at its peak. Every second member is using a mobile phone for different purposes. Most use cell phones to manage their online work and deal with clients. For working purposes, there is a need for Chatting applications. There are a variety of applications that users use for chatting. But they all are different from one another and also lack most of the essential features that are required in Chit-Chatter. We will talk and compare two amazing Chatting Applications. WhatsApp Plus vs GB WhatsApp Pro. After the complete research, we will conclude which one is best among them. So, stick to the article to know about the best one. 


Both applications are advanced and fully modified versions of Official WhatsApp. These are used to send messages, make calls, transfer pictures and videos, send large-size files, and for many other purposes. Our youngsters love these apps because of their advanced and magical features. Both applications are mostly identical, but a few differences exist between them. 

whatsapp plus vs gb whatsapp pro

WhatsApp Plus

This is one of the most famous modified and furnished extensions of the Official WhatsApp. This app offered a variety of additional attributes and many other magical options to make the Chatting Environment more glorious and stunning. 

NameWhatsApp Plus
Size 52.3 MB
Developer NameSpanish developer Rafalete 
Latest VersionV17.52 (AlexMods)
Latest Update7th September 2023
License TypeFreeware
whatsapp plus

GB WhatsApp Pro

This app is another modified edition of WhatsApp, with all the necessary options and magical features to make the texting environment more stylish. You can use attractive Font Styles, Themes, and many more to convey your messages in different languages and styles. 

NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Size70 MB
Created BySoftware Expert Omar
Latest VersionV 17.52
Latest Update7th September 2023
Having AdsNo
gb whatsapp pro

WhatsApp Plus Features

WhatsApp Plus covers many features that are enough to catch user’s attention. You can get official and anti-ban WhatsApp Plus from this LINK. A few parts of this application are as follows:

Customization Capability

WhatsApp Plus users can customize this app’s interface to their needs and demands. The users can utilize various options to make the page more attractive and interesting. 

Last Seen Hiding Option

We sometimes want to hide our privacy from limited persons but can not hide the last seen and online status on many chatting applications. But, this amazing chatting application gives the option to its users to hide their last seen from all the contact members as well as from the limited selected persons from your contact list. These features make the application super duper and also increase the app’s rank.

Freezing Last Seen 

Dear Members, You can also freeze your last seen in this app. WhatsApp Plus allows users to set the last seen according to their wishes. 

Themes Option 

There is a bundle of beautiful and mesmerizing themes that are enough to make the interface more attractive. The application offers all kinds of themes, like Love, Happy, Sad, Thrill, Fantasy, etc. 

Minimum Usage of Data

WhatsApp Plus allows the users to store their Data. Other chatting applications required maximum Data for sending images and files. But this application allows saving a lot of Data as well.

Erase Sent Messages by Swiping

If you want to delete or remove any unnecessary message sent already, you can delete or remove that message in this application by swiping right or left. 

Message Sending Limit

WhatsApp Plus has an increased limit for sending text messages in groups. A few users used to send long text messages in groups, but characters are limited. For this reason, users face some difficulties. But this application sorted out this issue, and now users can send messages from 100 to up to 500 Characters in a group. 

Hide Status and Profile Picture 

Users of WhatsApp Plus can hide their status from limited or selected members. You can also hide the profile picture from the chosen members. 

Unlimited Members in Group

WhatsApp Plus allows users to add unlimited Members to a Group. This feature is very helpful for those who are working with many people at the same time.

Features gb whatsapp pro and whatsapp plus

New in the latest versions

  • Anti-Ban
  • Locate your contacts
  • DND Mode
  • Pin 1000+ chats
  • Sharing the video on status for up to 5 minutes
  • App Icons and unique themes
  • Increased forward limit 

GB WhatsApp Pro Features

GBWhatsApp Pro is identical to that of GB WhatsApp. A very big new addition to this app is the removal of ads. Yes, there are no ads on GBWhatsApp Pro. The other features of this application are as follows. 

  • Hide Online Status
  • Hide Last Seen 
  • Hide Profile Picture
  • Hide About 
  • Download Status of Contact Members
  • The increased Character limit for Status and Texting in Groups
  • Anti-Ban
  • Variety of themes up to 4500
  • Airplane Mode
  • Unlimited Emojis
  • Variety of Stickers 
  • Light and Dark Themes
  • Variety of ticks
  • Use dual WhatsApp accounts on the same device
  • Improved Messaging Capability
  • Strong Security System
  • DND Mode

You can do so many tasks while using GBWhatsApp Pro. By applying passwords, you can make your data and other important chats in a private box. Any Conversation can be easily hidden in this app. 

WhatsApp Plus VS GBWhatsApp Pro

FeaturesGBWhatsApp ProWhatsApp Plus
Video CallsYesYes
Audio CallsYesYes
Increase the Characters Limit for Status and MessagesYes Yes
DND ModeYesNo 
ThemesUpto 4500Upto 700
Airplane ModeYesNo 
Night and Dark ThemesYesYes 
Hide Online Status ToastYesYes
Freeze Last SeenYesYes
Hide Profile PictureYesYes
Chat without saving a numberYesYes
Improved Picture Sending Limit YesYes
Seamless CommunicationYesNo
whatsapp plus vs gb whatsapp pro
down gb whatsapp pro and whatsapp plus

Download route of the applications

To avail of the benefits of these applications, you need to download them first on your Android. The download Procedure for this is slightly different because we can’t download these applications directly from the Play Store. Users can download these applications from the provided APK link. For this, there are some limitations that users need to pursue. These are given in the next paragraphs. Stay in touch with us to explore the download Method. 

Essentials for Android

In the beginning, be sure to have the latest and most up-to-date version of Android. After having the Android, ensure your device has a space of more than the size of the application. Extra space is required just to run the application smoothly without making any blunders. 

Before moving towards the download route, download the APK link of the required application. Now, you are fully capable of downloading the application. Just follow the steps below to make the applications part of your device.

  • Step 1: Open the downloaded link of the required application like WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp Pro. 
  • Step 2: You will see the install Button; click on it.
  • Step 3: Without nanoseconds, your required amazing application will be on the screen of Android.
  • Step 4: Boom!!!! The application is fully prepared to use. 
  • Please open it and utilize its features to make your Chatterbox more interesting and magical.

Download Process for PC

Dear Users, Most people also want to enjoy these Chatting applications on PC. But due to some specifications, they are unable to do this. Now, we will write about the download process of WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp Pro on PC. The process is no more tricky, and you need an emulator. The well-known BlueStacks Emulator is mostly used for downloading any PC application. The steps given below to download the app on a PC:

  • Step 1: Open the BlueStacks Emulator on your PC.
  • Step 2: Write the name of the required application on its research ribbon.
  • Step 3: Give access to browse the application.
  • Step 4: Select the desired one and the latest version of the application from the list below applications.
  • Step 5: Click on the Install Knob.
  • Borah!!!! The application is successfully installed on your PC. You can see the app on the Desktop of the PC.

Unwrap the application and avail all the benefits on your PC as well.


After a thorough study, I summarize this article by saying that the GB WhatsApp Pro is the best application among WhatsApp Plus vs GB WhatsApp Pro. GBWhatsApp Pro is a free app with various functions and features not present in any other extension of WhatsApp.

The purpose of both applications is the same, but a few more advanced features are present in GBWhatsApp Pro. Some various functions and attributes can make the texting habitat more stylish and funky. You can amuse your friends by sending different emojis and stickers. 


Can users download WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp Pro from the Play Store?

No, both applications are created by third-party websites, which is why it is not possible to download these applications from the Play Store. 

Are these apps costly or free?

WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp Pro are free from any charge. You can utilize the features anytime, anywhere, without restriction.

Are these applications different from Official WhatsApp?

Yes, they both are a little bit different from Official WhatsApp. In simple words, I can say that Official WhatsApp is a Simple Chatting application. In contrast, both applications are modified, and advanced chatting applications have all the features not present in WhatsApp.

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