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In the world of Chitter-Chatter, there are a variety of applications to send messages and make calls all over the world. You all know about the well-known Chatting application that is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a pampas and authentic application, but many features and elements are absent.

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Therefore, the extensions of WhatsApp by third parties have been developed to fulfill the demands of Users. In this article, we will write about one of the extensions of Official WhatsApp: “Red WhatsApp.” It is almost identical to WhatsApp. A few more modifications have been made to make it a featured and furnished application for chatting. 

Information about Red WhatsApp

Name Red WhatsApp
DeveloperAbu Arab
Size72 MB
Operating SystemAndroid 5.0+ 
Latest Version Version 30.10
Latest Update27 August 2023


Red WhatsApp download now

Red WhatsApp APK is not the official version of WhatsApp nor an official application. This is just a modified and enhanced extension of WhatsApp through which you can easily chat stylishly with your friends. Through the Red WhatsApp app, users can make video and audio calls worldwide, and this extension has a secured security system. This app lets you quickly hide your messages, blue ticks, status, calls, last seen, and many more private things. The detailed article on this application is going to be discussed below. This writing will discuss all the features, pros and penalties, FAQs, and download Procedures. The official WhatsApp APP can be downloaded from here.

Red WhatsApp Features

Red WhatsApp features


Dear Users, We are sometimes very mingled in any project or work and can not respond to any message at that time. Red gb WhatsApp permits its users to set auto-reply messages. This will help you manage your work and messages at a time without effort. 

Copy Media Caption Option

You can copy the Status, Text, Image, or any media data of contact members in this edition of WhatsApp. 

Freeze Last Seen

Freezing the last seen is demanding, but many chatting applications lack this feature. In this app, you can freeze the last seen as well.

Privacy Control Option

You can secure your data and messages by setting strong privacy and applying locks on WhatsApp. The lock may be a pattern, pin, or fingerprint. Also, a plus point is to hide any conversation as well.

Hide Online Status

When we open WhatsApp, our Online Status is visible to every contact member. If you want to cease this, enable the feature to hide online status by moving towards the privacy setting. 

Hide Recording

If you do not want to show your Recording toast to your contact member, you can hide this while using this application. This will help you to secure your privacy setup more safely and soundly. 

Hide Typing

Dear users, enabling hide typing helps you hide typing toast to other members you are chatting with. 

Control on Ticks

If you do not want to tell others that you have seen their messages, you can enable the option to hide the blue tick. This way, you can see the message without showing a blue tick to the other person. You can hide one tick as well. A fantastic feature in this supplement is changing the tick’s style.

Customization Option

A fantastic option that is lacking in many chatting applications is customization. You can see that many chatting applications, like Twitter, Botim, etc., do not allow users to customize the Home Page as they wish. But this supplement gives access to their users to customize the Home Page according to their style to make the app more stylish and well-furnished. The Home Page can be customized, and the Universal page and Chat Page can also be customized. For customization of the app, a variety of elements include the following.

  • Themes
  • Emojis
  • Font Styles
  • Various Colors
  • Different Tick Styles
  • Icons

Hide Status View

If you don’t want to show people you have seen their status, you can allow the hide status view option. In this way, you can see the status of the people by not viewing your name in their view list.

Status Time Limit

The sharing time limit of Status in Official WhatsApp is only 30 seconds, while this WhatsApp app allows sharing status of 6 minutes. 

Video Sharing Limit

WhatsApp allows users to share a limited-size file, which is sometimes very difficult. In this extension, users can send large-size files in only one click. 

Group Calls

You dial the conference call when you have to take a meeting or want to talk to many people. But sometimes, due to many reasons, this call cannot be supported for long. It allows users to make Group Calls to sort out this issue. This is very easy to dial, and there will be no problem while you are on call. 

Dark & Light Modes

Dear Users, there is an opportunity in this WhatsApp extension to set your Chat Screen in Dark or Light Mode. A few people like Dark mode, while others like light mode. You can easily choose the favourite one from both of these. The process to change the modes is very easy. When you open the application, the moon will be seen there, meaning you are in light mode now. And if you want to change the mode, click on the moon, and dark mode will appear soon.

Disabled Forward Tags

If you want to remove your Forward tags from messages, you can quickly do this while using this extension. Move towards the privacy setting and allow the Disable Forward Tags option to hide your Forward Tags Toast. In this way, you can send messages without having to tag too many contacts without having any blunder. 


There are multiple languages in this app. You can translate your messages and status into your desired language. Official WhatsApp does not keep this feature. 

Other Features of Red WhatsApp APP

  1. Message Alert Icon
  2. Send High-quality images
  3. New Icons
  4. Change the Format of any program.
  5. Red rose dp for whatsapp
  6. whatsapp red icon

Red WhatsApp for Android Requirements

There are always some specifications that Android requires to download the application. Every application has separate requirements. The requirements to download are given below.

  • There should be 5+ versions of Android.
  • To run this application without any restriction, it is compulsory to have a vacant space of more than 80MB.
  • You must have the downloaded APK of the application. 

After fulfilling the requirements mentioned above, you are now fully prepared to avail yourself of the benefits of this application. Stay tuned, and follow the download route to download on your Android.

How to download Red WhatsApp on Android

The steps for downloading are as follows:

  • Open the APK File on your Android.
  • Searched Red WhatsApp by typing the app name in the search panel.
  • After a few seconds of browsing, the apps will be seen on the screen.
  • Choose the app with the latest version.
  • You will have an Install Button there; now you must click it.
  • Within nanoseconds, the application will be part of your device and Android.

Yahoo!!! You have installed Red WhatsApp on Android. Open the app and use magical tools to surprise your friends and family.

Red WhatsApp Download for PC

To operate any application on Laptops or PCs, you need to have an emulator well-known as BlueStacks Emulator on your PC or Laptop. As an Android APK file is compulsory for any application, an emulator must be on your PC to run this application. The further steps to download this application are as given:

  • At the very start, copy the link of this application from the provided link in this piece of writing.
  • Now go towards the BlueStacks Emulator.
  • Paste the copied link of application in the search panel.
  • Give access to it to be browsed.
  • Select the WhatsApp Red Application and click on Install Clunk.
  • The app will be on your PC’s Desktop quickly.

BOOM!!! You have installed Red WhatsApp on your PC. Open and enjoy this application and make your Chit-Chatter Box more stylish and magical. 

Advantages of Red WhatsApp

Pros or advantages of this modified app are given as follows:

  • Exclusive Emojis
  • Access to Quran 
  • Anti-Ban
  • Scheduled Messages according to Date and Time
  • Hide Online Toast
  • Confirmation Message for Status
  • Clocking confirmation for sending any sticker
  • Electronic Rosary Tool
  • Internal Tools
  • Double Click to change the emoji
  • Double tap to like the message or status
  • Download Contact status in a single click
  • Freeze Last Seen Feature
  • Background Audio Recording
  • Make Video and Audio Calls
  • Users can use gb WhatsApp Red and Original WhatsApp simultaneously, along with a second number.

Disadvantages of Red WhatsApp

It has the following penalties.

  • Security Risk because this is not the official application. It is the modified extension of the Original WhatsApp.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Limited Availability.
  • This app has no official support.

Comparison Between Red WhatsApp and WhatsApp

Features Red WhatsAppOriginal WhatsApp
Send MessagesYesYes
Video CallYesYes
Audio CallYesYes
Sent large filesYesNo
Video Sharing Limit on Status6 minutes30 seconds
Customization YesNo
ThemesMore than 1000Only 2
ModesDark and lightDark and light
Disable Forward TagsYesNo
Hide Status ViewYesNo
Hide Last SeenYesYes
Freeze Last SeenYesNo
Hide Typing ToastYesNo
Hide Recording ToastYesNo
Airplane ModeYesNo
Anti-Delete Messages and StatusYesNo
Security LockYesYes

Latest Version

The latest and most recent version of this app is v30.10. This version has added more modifications to make the application more advanced. 

Red WhatsApp update version

The recent update of Red WhatsApp

Red whatsapp 2023 Version 30.10 was updated on 27 August 2023. 

Genre and Category

The genre of Red WA is WhatsApp Mods and has the Sending Messages category.


Try this WhatsApp extension to make a more stylish and well-furnished ChatterBox. This application has many features that can sprinkle more spice to your Chatting Habitat. After researching Red WhatsApp, I conclude that this is the best and most marvellous application for sending images, messages, data, and making calls. 


Can users use this extension on iOS devices?

Yes, users can efficiently operate this app on IOS Devices without blunder. 

Is this WhatsApp extension free or costly?

This WhatsApp extension is free of cost. You need to update the Red WhatsApp when you get any update notification.

Is this WhatsApp extension secure to use?

Yes, it is fully secure to use. It is free from any antiviruses, malware, etc.

Can the users download the contact member’s status in Red WhatsApp?

Yes, users of this application can quickly download the status of other contact members with only one click.

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