GB WhatsApp APK Download v17.80 Updated Version May 2024

Published Date: August 7, 2023
Updated Date: May 13, 2024

Download GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version May 2024 Anti-Ban. You Can Download without Any Temporary Ban issue. Enjoy Latest GB WhatsApp OFFICIAL With Extra Features. Today, almost every mobile device has a unique messaging and calling app that has taken over conventional texting and calling. You got it right, and this app is “WhatsApp.” It would be the first app installed after someone purchases a device. What if someone has an opportunity to have all the features of official WhatsApp but also more exciting features with no ads? It is brought to you by the official GB WhatsApp APK.

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GB WhatsApp APK Download




Downloads 1M+

Latest Version

A question arises here, what is Whatsapp APK? It is an abbreviation of “Android package” and is a file format used to install apps on mostly Android devices. It is not safe when downloaded from unofficial links and websites but completely secure and safe when you get it from an official source. Now It is available on Google Play Store also.

Short Features

App nameGB Whatsapp APK
GenreSocial APP
Size76 MB
Android4.3 or above
GB WhatsApp information

If you want more information or find any difficulty in downloading or installing from the above gb whatsapp link, then read the article below,

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GB Whatsapp APK download updated version 17.76

What is GB WhatsApp APK

Unlike the original whatsapp, Gb Whatsapp did not develop by Whatsapp Inc., the company behind the original app. A third-party developer created it, and its fame is because of its features and customization. Android devices mainly use this because these devices allow such apps to function correctly.

Screen Short

gb whatsapp images

Older Versions

Its developer made the first version and updated it regularly, with many improvements along the way. If your device supports the current version, you can check and download its old versions from the link given below;

Latest Version 17.80

Old Versions

Need of GB WhatsApp Download

The need to improve the original WA app was felt after its development. Some users thought that it lacked certain features and privacy control. So, it was created to cater to the demand for those additional features absent in the official app.

gb whatsapp free download

Features of GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp APK Download

Easy to Download

Bulk Messages

Less Consumption

Built in Features

Reduced Size

Verified & Trusted

Status Download

Auto reply mode

Multiple Accounts

Customize Themes

Enhanced Privacy

Send huge Files


Users these days love to customize apps according to their tastes. GB WA offers its users various themes, fonts, and chat background customization. 

Enhanced Privacy

APK version enhances users’ privacy by giving them more control over their online presence. Now, whether they want to show their online presence is in their hands.

Data sharing Limit

Conventional whatsapp doesn’t allow users to share big-size files; on the other hand new version of GB Apk offers this opportunity without asking for the compressed size of files.

Dual whatsapp accounts

 It was considered a wish among the market to use dual whatsapp accounts on one device. GB whatsapp fulfilled this demand in a highly demanding way. Now, people can use whatsapp for personal and work use simultaneously.

Auto Reply

This feature allows the user to have customization options for auto-reply and reply to the whole set of messages even when the user is unavailable or unable to reply.

Whatsapp Status Limit & Hide

while writing status, many have experienced the issue of the characters limit, but this app has enhanced the limit by allowing them to write or share more characters. Moreover, this app has the facility to block some contacts to see your status, allowing you to make it more viewer specific.

No blue tick

When someone sends a message, it can stop the sender from knowing whether the receiver has read it. It is known as the No Blue tick feature.

Hide voice recording

It introduced the “hide voice recording” feature that grants the user to record and send voice recordings seamlessly without letting knowing the other party.

Profile Picture Notification

Sometimes you remember a contact just by remembering its profile picture. Often it is someone’s noteworthy DP change you want to know about. It can notify you whenever your contacts change their profile picture to foster this issue.

Download status 

While seeing our contact’s status, we often love some of them and wish to download that one. Now it is fulfilled by this beautiful app.


The “Do Not Disturb” feature allows the user to mute only this app’s notifications without hindering the mobile’s other notifications.

Text Message Broadcast

You can send files to multiple accounts without selecting all the contacts every time. Create a broadcast list and send the message in it. Every member will receive it individually.

  Multiple Languages

It can be operated in multiple languages. There’s no need to go for an online translator and then come back.

Anti-Ban Account

The download link is from the official site, which ensures an anti-ban account for the life period.

Updated features in the latest 2024 version

The already discussed features are also part of this. More features, like better control over online status and hide-read receipts, auto message scheduling, and more media sharing. Recent Update 2024 features include:

  • Enhanced Privacy Control
  • Audio/ Video messages recording
  • Recording of Status
  • Message Schedules
  • Chat Encrypted (End-to-End)

Expected Features of GB WA

The market is anxiously awaiting the 2024 update of this app. It is hoped that its update will bring more encrypted chat, AI-Based reply suggestions, and more data migration limits. This is informed that GB WhatsApp is working on App for its Iphone/IOS users for their better engagement.

App Availability

GB WhatsApp is Now available for all devices.

  • Android
  • IOS/Apple
  • Windows/PC

Difference between WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp

FeaturesWhatsAppGB WhatsApp
Status Length139 Characters255 Characters
Customized ThemesNOYES
Supported Languages40110
Transfer Media Files 15 MB50 MB
Hide statusNOYES
Enhanced securityNOYES

GB WhatsApp Download APK file details

This is the download file for Android devices. This file is 76 MB in size and fully secure to download and install.


How to Download File

To download the file, click on any given download button/ link. The download process will start immediately.

Step 1:

First of all you have to open browser on your device (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Fire Fox, Opera, Safari Or UC Browser)

Step 2:

Now you have to search GB WhatsApp on your existing browser, or directly search our website ( on the search bar given on the top of your browser.

Step 3:

After searching relevant query you will see some results regarding GB WhatsApp. Now you have to click on one of these results and go to next page.

Step 4:

after clicking on the result you will see the download button, you have to click on the download button for acquiring file in your device.

Step 5:

Now after downloading file , Go to your Bowser downloads folder and click on recently downloaded file. If you do not found file there then go to your mobile’s files folder and search downloads sub folder and after this you will found your file there. Now you have to click on the file.

GB Whatsapp APK Free

Step 6:

Now after clicking on downloaded file you have to allow unknown resources on your’s mobile phone setting for this you have to follow steps given below:

  • First Unlock your device: unlock your phone or device and tap on “Setting icon
  • Navigate the “Security and Privacy
  • Find Unknown resources and Allow/Enable it.

Step 7:

Now you have to wait for installation of GB WhatsaApp APP

Requirements to Install

If the Version is not installed or work properly you have to check the requirements below:

  • You have the required version of Android mentioned above. If not, then go for the older versions.
  • Your device has enough storage space.
  • Make sure the endless broadband network connectivity.
  • The download speed should be optimal to avoid any problems while downloading.
  • There are many other requirements given in the file as well. Ensure you have met all of those.

Installation Process

After download installation process started and after installation you will see GB WhatsApp icon in your mobile applications . After this you can use the app by clicking on this icon. and for more detail about use check information below.

Account Creation

After downloading the APK and installing it into your phone, everyone first needs account creation. Here are the steps for account creation.

  • The first and foremost step before making an account in GBWhatsApp, select your country if it is not auto-detect your country.
  • The second step is to enter your valid number into the phone number fields.
  • The third step is to enter 6 digit code; if you did not get it, click “Didn’t receive code?”. Or enter the correct phone number or valid phone number that you have.
  • After verifying the code, the next step is to enter your name, and that’s all you can now use your GB WhatsApp.
  • If you don’t get the procedure, the screen shorts are attached below. You can get help from seeing these images.

How to Update GB WhatsApp

Whenever you get some bugs and errors in GB WhatsApp App its mean you are using old version and its time to update. For this you have to visit this website ( download the latest version and repeat the whole process again from download to installation. After this you are able to use it again without any problem. In case issue doesn’t resolve you have to send your problem to our contact page. We will respond you as soon as possible with better guide and solution.

Why is GB WA not downloading/installing?

There might be several reasons behind these issues, such as APK files being corrupted (This issue arises when you download pirated or unauthorized APKs from fake websites). Incompatible device versions ( Your device may not be compatible with the APK you have downloaded. To resolve this issue, you can download the correct versions or upgrade your device software available in your mobile settings update); server Errors and Not Enough Storage (your phone has less storage to install this, you can erase unnecessary things from your phone or make some space). Reassure these issues are adequately addressed before trying again.

Expected Problems and Solutions

Problem#1 GB WhatsApp Account Block

There are two types of GB WhatsApp Account block. One is temporary and other is permanent block. Temporary blocked means you have recently done policy violation or terms of services violation that’s why WhatsApp blocked your account. Other is permanent Ban which is due to involvement in serious and suspicious activities like spamming or threatening someone.

Possible Solutions

  • Temporary Ban is due to terms of use violence like using unauthentic mod versions WhatsApp. To solve this issue, you have to uninstall unofficial WhatsApp and install Official WhatsApp through Play Store and App Store. After this, register your number and enjoy.
  • In case of Permanent Ban, You have to contact on and give solid reasons to get unban.

Problem#2 Logout Automatically

Logout automatically occurs due to different causes like you have changed your phone number or phone, or forget your two-step verification code, or don’t use GB WhatsApp more than 120 days. one other reason is you are using outdated version.

Possible Solutions

  • Always use updated version.
  • Do not forget your two step verification code.
  • Do not use your phone number on other devices to use GB WhatsApp.

Problem #3 GB WhatsApp Not Responding

This Problem occurs due to cache, device incompatibility, or old version of GB WhatsApp.

Possible Solutions

  • Restart your device
  • Re-install GB WhatsApp
  • Download GB WhatsApp according to your device
  • Always use update version of GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp data backup

There are two ways to get your data as backup. One, when you complete the installation process, the first pop-up on your screen asks you to get your data back. If you previously allowed the data backup feature, you will get it back. Another method is to go to settings and then open chat backup and enter the valid email address where you want a backup.

Is It Safe or Not?

This app was developed by a renowned Syrian developer Omar, owner of Gbmods. Co. He has developed many other reputable sites as well. This factor has contributed a lot in making it a successful venture.


What is GB Whatsapp APK?

Original apps lack many features that are highly demanding from the users. This app came up with all the features that the official app has, but also more modified ones. It is entirely free to install and use. Here APK means “Android Package,” but it is also available for other devices, e.g., iOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

Is GB Whatsapp 100% safe?

Gb has been the top app out of all other apps of whatsapp. It has the most significant number of users and is still counting. This proves the authenticity and security level that the developer ensures. It is entirely safe to download and use for communication purposes.

Can you get Banned for using GBWhatsapp?

Not all the time you can get banned from using the official one, but if any activity is caught from your side where you use unauthorized apps or perform illegal/ unethical activities. This thing can cause trouble for your account in some cases.

Is it required to update this app regularly?

Yes, It is highly recommended to update the app throughout. It will benefit you to enjoy the latest updated features. Many times there are only some bug fixes and performance improvements. You can ignore it if such an update appears, but don’t leave any update with more specs and features.

Why is GB WhatsApp not working on my number?

In 2024, after the March update by official WhatsApp, every old user was notified to download official WhatsApp. Those who did not shift towards official WhatsApp got banned permanently. If you want to use GB WhatsApp in May after the WhatsApp update, always use a new number to sign up.


In conclusion, GB WhatsApp has many extra features that standard WhatsApp doesn’t have, like better privacy settings, customization, sending larger files, and more. It’s important to download it from trusted sources to keep your phone safe. The latest version improves even more on these features, making GB WhatsApp a good choice for people who want more from their messaging app. Just keep the app updated and download it safely to avoid any issues.

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