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We are all familiar with many Social Media Platforms like Facebook, GB Instagram, Twitter, Skype, etc. These all are used to transfer files, share images and pictures, and make audio and video calls. As we know, GB Instagram is an application that became famous in some recent years and now it has been used by every second person. People use this application to expand their portfolios. Most of the working people use this application to share their creativity to the world.  

GB Instagram Lite Download APK Free

GB Instagram APK Latest Updated Version

GB Instagram Download 2024

If you want to get a few modifications in Instagram, then this article is going to be very beneficial for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the featured and customized extension of Instagram that is “GB Instagram Download Updated Version 2024,” this is almost like that of Instagram but it is a featured version of Official Instagram. There are many features in Instagram that have superb modification and customization in GB Instagram. You will be pleased after using this amazing application. To explore more about this application, stick with this piece of content till the end. 

What is GB Instagram?

GB Instagram” is the most featured and customized extension of Official Instagram having modern and eye-catching attributes to increase the interest and enjoyment of users from all over the world. As we know the Official sites of any Social Media App have limited features but they are not advanced, so to compensate for this issue parties develop extensions of Social Media apps to make their features more advanced and attractive. Similarly, GB Instagram v6.0 is also the super duper advanced version of Instagram with many new and modern features. 

What is GB Instagram

Now, the query is this: what’s new in this extension or what can we do? The answer to this is that you can do many things through applications including download reels, download stories, videos, pictures, etc. This feature has been still absent in Instagram Official to download stories and reels. This thing makes the application super attractive and demanding. 

Users are also able to customize their profiles, and they can easily edit the pictures and short clips before posting. As with GB WhatsApp, there is an option to create a Group in GB Instagram. This thing helps you to share your important things and creativity with all your followers. 

Information about GB Instagram APK 

GB InstagramAPP Detail
Name GB Instagram
Size54.91 MB
Latest VersionVersion 6.0
Last Update Feb, 2024 
Languages SupportMultiple
Developer Name Atnfas Hoak
MOD FeatureUnlocked
Category Social 
GB Instagram APP detail

Screen Shorts

Features of GB Instagram

The features of this stunning application  GB Instagram are now going to be part of this article, read the article till the end and explore more information about the application.

Features of GB Instagram


With Instagram, application is totally anti-ban. You can use the application anywhere anytime without fear of getting banned. The reason for the Anti-Ban of this application is that it is fully authorized and a legitimate application approved by Instagram as well. This feature is very necessary for any application because if there is any risk of getting banned the application will automatically go down in ranking. 

Secure and Safe 

Another main query of any application is about security and privacy. The same question has been raised for this application because it is not original, this is just the modified extension of Instagram. But stay calm, because this application is safe and secure to utilize. All your personal information in this application doesn’t go anywhere. Your privacy is the first priority for this application.  

Zoom IN and Zoom OUT

The option of Zooming on Instagram is absent. This makes the application not attractive and advanced. To sort out this issue, GB Instagram is the best ever application because it allows its users to Zoom on videos and images. This feature is very fresh in GB Instagram and everyone is attracted to the app because of these types of magical and stylish features. The benefits of ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT are just to view the pictures very clearly. This aspect raises the ranking of the app in the field. 

Marking Option

As we know, we can not mark messages on Official Instagram, this is sometimes very irritating for us. When we want to mark many messages at a time but can not do that we feel some anger also, This thing also makes the user less satisfied. To encounter this problem, just install GB Instagram, and enjoy this marking feature here. Yes!!! Dear buddies, you can mark messages on Instagram also, but you need to install its modified version. This feature enhances the beauty of the app and makes it a super duper hit. 

Translate Automatically 

Instagram is used all over the world, and we all know that people from different regions of the world have different native languages. And they want to post everything in their own local language. Sometimes this thing becomes difficult for the users because we all don’t know any language except our Local one. 

The GB Instagram resolves this issue and creates the stunning feature of Automatic Translation. This feature works in such a way that when you want to see the translation of any other language that you don’t know, just click on the translate option and the message will automatically convert into English text that can easily be ready by users. With the help of these features, users are able to get any information without the restriction of language.

Double Accounts 

Official Instagram does not allow its users to use dual accounts on the app. But GB Instagram brings an amazing feature of a dual account. Yahoo!!!! Buddies you are now able to use two accounts in the same application. In this way, users are able to make their Private accounts as well as Business Accounts on the same application. This feature is very interesting and vibrant. 

Customize on your own 

Another opportunity that this application gives to its users is to customize the application. Users can use different themes to make the interface of GB Instagram more attractive and cool. 

Dear Users, you can now customize your posts before posting them. You can make changes in your selected video like Editing, Graphics, Cropping, Cutting, etc. There is a variety of Sound Effects that can be utilized by the users as the background sound effect of any video. These are all you can do now in GB Instagram in just a few clicks. 

Advance Features

There are also some advance features of GB Instagram that provides outstanding application experience. features are given below:

advanced Features of GB Instagram

Hide Online Toast

Dear users, to hide online Toast is nowadays becoming the need of everyone. We all want to hide our Online Status from the people, but users of Official Instagram lack this opportunity and this makes them less satisfied. Instead of this GB Instagram allows their users to cease their Online Toast as well as Hide last seen from the community. After enabling these features, your followers can’t see your Online Status. 

Copy Biography

In Original Instagram users can not copy the caption and description of others but GB Instagram brings the feature to download or copy the Description of other members. You can also copy the Caption or any heading of the people. 

Starred Messages Option 

We see Starred messages only in WhatsApp, and we all want this type of feature in Instagram as well. But unfortunately, Instagram has not developed this type of feature. But, GB Insta has this amazing feature. Yes, it is true that you can now starred important messages from different chats. This will help you in such a way that you can’t lose your important messages. 

Download Videos and Pictures 

To download videos and Images on Official Instagram you need to have an InstaStory Saver, which sometimes feels tricky to use. GB Instagram sorted out this issue, and now you can easily download Stories, Reels, Videos, and Images and share them with your Friends. 

Regular Features of GB Instagram

There are also some Regular features of GB Instagram including Full screen mode, light and dark mode, Ghost Mode, and multimedia Video player that enhanced your experience. features are given below:

Full Screen 

This feature works in a way that you can easily preview the full screen of the image before posting. This will let you know how this picture will be visible to your followers. To avail of this option, click on the “preview” before posting. This thing will increase and improve the interest of users in applications.

Light and Dark Mode

If you want to make your GB Insta view in night scene type, then select dark mode. This will make your all headings and borders black color. And looks amazing especially since it is beneficial for those who are late-night users of mobile. By activating Dark Mode, your eyes stay safe from the bright and sharp colors of white light. 

Ghost Mode

Ghost Mode helps the users of GB Insta to hide their presence from the community. After enabling this feature you are still able to watch the activities, posts, stories, and reels of others without showing yourself. This is a very amazing feature that we all need in any application nowadays.

Multiple Video Player 

The Official Instagram lacks the opportunity for multiple Video Players. But, now GB Insta brings this opportunity for their users to use multiple video players. It means now you can easily play videos on various video players. This thing is very interesting and attention-grabbing. Now this query can be asked how to use this feature. The answer to this is as follows:

  • Tap on the three dots 
  • Open Menu
  • Click on the Preview option
  • There will be many Video Players select any of your choice 

How to Download GB Instagram

How to Download GB Instagram

To enjoy this amazing application on your Android, there is a need to install the app on your devices. For this, you need to first download it and then move towards the installation commands. An important aspect is to fulfill the requirements of your device to run this application smoothly. The requirements for Android devices to install GB Instagram are as follows. 

What are Requirements to Install

The requirements are as given below: 

What are Requirements to Install
  • Your Android be of any latest version prefer one is 4.5+ 
  • There is a spare capacity of more than 50 MBs to deal with this application.
  • Allow all the exchequers to download the application without making any blunder. 

Download Steps 

Hello Users, after compensating for the above limitations now we are ready to download the application. The steps for the downloading process are given beneath: 

Download Steps to download gb instagram

Step 1:

Open web browser on your Phone or other device that you are using (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,Opera). 

Step 2:

Type “” in the address bar and enter.

Step 3:

Search your related APK e.g. GB Instagram

Step 4:

Firstly, download the APK Link of this application from this Website

Step 5:

Move towards the File Manager

Step 6:

Open the Downloads File

Step 7:

You will the Find downloaded APK file of this application there 

Step 8:

Open the file of GB Instagram 

Step 9:

Click on the Install Button 

Step 10:

Wait for a while, within nanoseconds the application will be on the Screen of your device

Step 11:

Yahoo!!! Open the application and utilize its amazing and stunning features. 

How to Update GB Instagram

You can repeat the whole process if you already installed GB Instagram APK. but one thing you have to know is always download latest version of APK file so that upgradation process may complete. For Update purpose you have to check this website every time whenever you feel any Bug or Error in GB Instagram application.

Download procedure for PC

Dear Users, if you are a Laptop or a PC person, or you are a person who doesn’t want to run any application on Mobile Phone, then it’s a great opportunity for you to enjoy the amazing, new, and advanced applications on your PC without any restriction. To operate any application on a PC demands an Emulator preferred and well-known BlueStacks Emulator. If you have this emulator on your PC and Laptop, then you are able to run any application on your Windows. To download GB Insta on PC, the tread are as follows: 

  • Download the APK Link of the GB Insta with the help of BlueStacks Emulator 
  • Now, open the File Manager on your PC
  • And move towards the Download Box
  • Open the Download Box, and open the downloaded files of this application 
  • Tap on the Install Button and wait for a second
  • Yahoo!!! The application is fully installed and ready to use 
  • Open it and enjoy its magical and mesmerizing features, and amuse your friends as well. 

How to Use GB Instagram?

This is not very tricky to use the application, the interface is very easy and understood by everyone. This is the same as that of Instagram. For your ease, we are going to tell you how to post any image or video. 

  • For posting 

Just click on the post option choose any of your desired images and videos, edit them if necessary then click on the next button and then post. 

  • For setting story 

Click on the story button, choose the desired image or video, click on add to the story, and then your video or picture will be shared on your story as a status that will automatically be removed after 24 hours. You can also choose your favorite followers to share anything with, in this way, your story will only be seen by those whom you give access to.  

GB Instagram Vs Official Instagram

Features GB InstagramOfficial Instagram 
Translate Automatically ✔️
Follow Back Check✔️
Starred Messages✔️
Mark Messages✔️
Post and Story Saver✔️
Copy Bio ✔️
Hide Online Status ✔️
Hide Last Seen ✔️
gb instagram vs instagram

Advantages of GB Instagram

The cons of this application GB Insta are as given below: 

  • Hide Online Status 
  • Anti-Ban Application 
  • Security Approved 
  • Translate Native Languages into English 
  • Use dual accounts at a time on the same app
  • Users are able to copy the Description 
  • Users are able to see the full screen before posting anything 
  • Users can easily download images and videos as well as reels and stories 
  • Support Various Video Players 
  • Option for ZOOM, which helps to see the image clearly
  • This application does not require Root of the device 
  • Easily Customizable 
  • Friendly Interface 

Disadvantages of GB Instagram 

The disadvantages of GB Insta are now going to be discussed below. But before writing the cons of this application, I want to say that when there are hundreds of features of any application a few disadvantages of the same application does not value more. Good things always cover the bad ones, similarly features and advantages of any app also cover the disadvantages of the app. Well, we are responsible for sharing some of its disadvantages which are as follows:

  • The application is not fully safe because it is not an Official Application
  • If the user of GB Insta does not update the application regularly then it is a danger to have Bugs

Is it safe to use GB Instagram?

The answer of this question is a little difficult to ensure its safety because it is not the Official Application. Also this application is not available on Google Play Store. But, because this application is very concerned with Official Instagram it gives surety by some Security setups that this application is safe to use and your all private data will be in a safe zone. You can use the application of GB Instagram without any fear. 


The queries asked about this application from people are as follows: 

Why could we not download GB Instagram directly through the Google Play Store?

Because this application is created by a third party and these types of applications can’t be downloaded through Google Play Store, to download this you need to use an APK File. 

Why do people use GB Instagram?

People use this application due to its mesmerizing and magical features, which are absent in Official Instagram. This application has almost the same features as the Official Instagram, but all features are modified and well-furnished in GB Instagram. That’s why a large group community is attracted to this application.

By whom GB Instagram has been created?

Atnfas Hoak has created this amazing application. 

Can we run GB Instagram on PC and MacBooks?

Yes, having downloaded Emulator, it is possible to operate the application on a PC as well.

Is GB Instagram free of cost?

Yes, all the versions are free of cost. Users can use the application easily without paying any penny. Also, all the features of GB Instagram are unlocked, and you can enjoy all of its features without any cost.  

Does GB Instagram require any permission from Users?

GB Instagram requires some permissions to run the application including Giving access to a Camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, Microphone, etc.

What are the Optional Permissions that GB Instagram requires?

These permissions include Read and Write contacts, Record Audio, Write External Storage, Use Maps Services, etc.

Wrapping Up

My final words to wind up this article is that you all should try this application at least once. This application has all the well-customized and advanced features that we all need today to make our Social Media gathering more magical and stylish. 

If you are looking for an application that enhances your Instagram, you must try this GB Insta. We can say that it is a small packet that has a lot of treasure in it. All the features present in this application are well customized that are lacking in Official Instagram. This application is fully safe to use and install. But you need to install it through any trusted and authentic website. After every update, the feature was modified. So, in the end, I want to say that if you want to experience this application install it and enjoy its attributes. This application is really a bomb for all Instagram users, along with the customized features. 

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