GB WhatsApp vs Telegram Compare Shocking Features

GB WhatsApp vs Telegram are both based on the category of Messaging. These apps allow users to communicate with their Family and Friends in many ways, including messaging and calling. A few differences are present between these apps, which will be discussed in this writing. If you seek an astonishing Chatting application equipped with all the essential elements or features required, then this article is only for you. Stay with us, and read about discoveries and information about both applications. 

Introduction to GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a modified and customized extension of Official WhatsApp. This extension has all the features or tools that are lacking in the original WhatsApp. That’s why we recommend our users use this fantastic Application to make your Chatter Box more advance and stylish. This Application gives many features to its users, including a power security bank, many themes, different styles of fonts, and many more. To learn more about this App, stay tuned to this article until the end to explore the App.

Introduction to Telegram

This Messaging application also allows users to transfer large files and share images and videos. This also has some unique features that must be added to GB WhatsApp. More introduction to this Application includes its Features, advantages, disadvantages, download route, and FAQs. These all will discuss in this article. 

Similar Features of GB WhatsApp and Telegram


Both GB WhatsApp and Telegram are used for the same purposes. Few of them are given as

  • Sending Messages,
  • Audio Calling, 
  • Sharing Videos
  • Group Chatting,
  • Sending Large Files

Features of GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is an application that has a layout of many remoulded parts. All the tools this Application provides have a vast range of uses in Chatter Box. This Application has excellent and exciting features to have fun in your Texting Habitat. The traits that this application issues to its users are given below:

Privacy Features

This extension of WhatsApp gives the option to its users to make their privacy sector more secure. This Application can put the Blue Ticks in a hiding place. It means you can easily conceal your Blue Tick Marks and hide one tick. The hiding voice recording option is also available in this extension. Users of this extension can conceal their Last Updated Time and freeze it. Keep your “Online” and “Typing” state in a secret box.

Security Features

You can secure your WhatsApp app by setting a Fingerprint Password or any other pattern password. You can also conceal your personal and private Chats in a secret box.

Customized Interface

The GB WhatsApp has a bundle of theme options for users to make the interface more good-looking. There are various colours, fonts, and many more background options. You can set a Wallpaper or background for every contact member separately. There is a separate column for Chats, Groups, Status, and Calls. 

Sending Limit

Official WhatsApp allows users to send only 30 images at a time. This extension enables its users to send 90 shots in a single click without restriction. The file transferring limit in Original WhatsApp is limited that is 100 MB. This Application allows one to share large-size files consisting of 999 MB in a single Click. You can share videos of 50 MB and voice recordings of 100 MB at a time. You can also share the video on your Status, having 1 minute of time duration. 

Anti-Delete option

Users of GB WhatsApp can see Anti-Deleted messages and other people’s statuses. 

Other Features of GB WhatsApp

  • You can quickly transcript other people’s Status.
  • You can make a Broadcast of more than 600 contacts.
  • Users can enter more than 255 characters in GB WhatsApp’s Status. 
  • You can hide your Profile Image from a few contact members
  • This Application is fully Anti-Ban
  • The 24 hours are for you to delete any unwanted message after sending 
  • This extension supports 100+ languages

Information about GB WhatsApp

Name GB WhatsApp
Developer  Fouad Mods
Controller pf AppAlexMods
Required Android5.0 +
VersionV9.74 (latest)
Last Update14th August 2023
App Size64 MB
App Rating
CategoryInstant Messaging, Social, and Communications

Features of Telegram

This App comprises the following features:

Edit Images

You can edit images even after sending them. Telegram lets its users edit any image after sending it. If you want any changes in your image after sending it, you can edit and make changes.

Replace Picture

You can also replace the images after sending them. This App also permits its users to replace any unwanted after sending it. Just enable this feature, and get benefit from this. 

Edit Video Tool

Telegram allows its users to edit videos. After sending any video, telegram users can edit it. This feature of Video Editing could not be found in any Chatting application. 

Separate Folder

You can save your essential Conversations in a separate Folder. Telegram can separate your essential and unimportant conversations in a separate folder. 

Delete any unwanted messages 

Deleting any message after sending it takes almost 24 hours in any Messaging Application, but Telegram has 48 hours to delete any message. 

Silent Sending Message option

If you do not want to disturb someone during his working or studying time, you can send a silent message to him. 

Message Translation

Instead of going towards Google Translator, you can translate any text in Telegram because it has the feature Translator Tool.

Browse People 

Telegram lets its users find nearby people sharing their live locations. Plus, the point is that you need to share your contact number to search for nearby people.

To use the People Nearby Feature on Android, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Hamburger Button.
  • Select the People Nearby
  • Turn it ON
  • Allow the option Make Myself Visible

Information about Telegram

App NameTelegram
Owner of AppPavel Durov
AuthorTelegram Messenger LLP
CategoryMessaging, Instant Messaging, Communication, Group Messaging
Required SystemAndroid
Version9.7.6 (latest) 
Support LanguagesEnglish, Arabic, Dutch, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish

How to download GB WhatsApp on Android

To download an APK on your Android, have the download APK file. Also, to download this Application, CLICK HERE you must need the following essentials:

  • This Application must have a vacant capacity of 70 MB to run smoothly on your Android because the app size is 64 MB. 
  • You must have Android with the latest version.

Aftering to having the above essentials, you need to pursue the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Download the required APK File.
  • Save it on your device.
  • Now, go towards the download and open the file. 

How to download Telegram on your device

Telegram is a Legal application that can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. The steps to download this Application are as follows:

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Type Telegram in the search bar
  • Click on the Install Button

After a minute, this App will be on your gadget’s screen. 

Installation Commands

The Installation Commands for either GB WhatsApp or Telegram are identical. You need to install the Application after the downloading process. GB WhatsApp can be Installed easily after the downloading route. This is a third-party application, so it can’t be downloaded directly through Google Play Store. 

Conversely, Telegram can be installed easily through Google Play Store. 

GB WHATSAPP VS TELEGRAM Installation commands

GB Whatsapp or Telegram download for PC

To download GB WhatsApp and Telegram on your PC or Laptop, you should have a downloaded Emulator, mostly well-known Bluestacks Emulator is used for this purpose. The steps to download these applications on your PC are given:

  • Step 1

Open the screen of the Bluestacks Emulator

  • Step 2

Write the desired application name to be downloaded

  • Step 3

Grant the Application to browse 

  • Step 4

Pick up the one Application of your choice

  • Step 5

Then, clack on the Install Button

Within seconds, the Application will be shown on your Desktop screen 


How to run these apps?

The procedure to run GB WhatsApp and Telegram is identical. These apps require a mobile number along with your country code. To start both apps, do the following steps:

  • Open the Application
  • Write your mobile number along with your country code
  • Type confirmation code
  • The App is fully ripe to use

Reason to use these Chatting Apps

These applications are used to send images, videos, and messages and to make calls. The functions of GB WhatsApp and Telegram are identical. Just modifications in the features differ from one another. GB WhatsApp has more modified features as compared to Telegram. 

We recommend GB WhatsApp and Telegram to our users to make your Chittar-Chatter more modish, and these applications have various features that amuse your contact members. Utilize these features and surprise your friends and family.

Reason to use Gb whatsapp and telegram

Advantages of GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp has many pros to prove itself the best and most modified Application. The advantages of this Application are given below:

  • You can cease the time when you opened WhatsApp last. 
  • You can set a lock on your private Conversations
  • You can secure your privacy by concealing Blue Ticks
  • Ensuring your information by setting any type of password, including Fingerprint lock, pattern lock, or pin lock
  • You can hide the achieved messages without any hurdles
  • You can customize the App’s interface according to your own’s wish

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

The primary and single disadvantage of this Application is that Users can not download this unique Application through Play Store because it’s not the official Application. You need to download this by using an APK File.

gb whatsapp vs telegram advantages

Advantages of Telegram

Telegram possesses many benefits that are as follows:

  • There is no need for a sim Card to access this Application.
  • It has a Secret Chat option.
  • Supports multiple Platforms
  • Available on Google Play Store

Disadvantages of Telegram

The disadvantage of Telegram is that there needs to be a robust and secure system for Group Chat.

Telegram’s “Self Destructing messages” feature is only accessible for Secured and Hide Chats.

A user in this Application can not back up secret chats. 

The most up-to-date version of GB WhatsApp and Telegram:

The very recent version of GB WhatsApp is V 9.74. In every application version, the developer has made minor modifications to the App’s features. Also, a few new features have been added to the App to increase its Rating. And the recent latest version of Telegram is 9.7.6.

The recent update of GB WhatsApp and Telegram

GB WhatsApp version 9.74 was updated on 14th August 2023, along with a few modified features. While Telegram, along with version 9.7.6, got updated on 4th August 2023.

GB WhatsApp vs Telegram

FeaturesGB WhatsAppTelegram
Share FilesUp to 999 MBUp to 1.5 GB
Status UpdateOnly for 24 hoursIn Telegram, users can set the status as Bio
Message deleting limit10 Hours48 Hours
Channel Service✔️
Video Calls✔️
Set a different User Name.✔️
Super Groups✔️
Group ParticipantsUp to 250Up to 200
Message Editing Feature✔️
In-app browser feature✔️
Conversation Transmission Option✔️
Personalization Option✔️✔️
Can Work on PC✔️✔️
Search option ✔️✔️
Media Gallery✔️✔️
Syncs to Cloud✔️✔️

Final Words

GB WhatsApp is spreading its heat worldwide, and that’s why the requirement for another messaging application is reduced. But when the fully equipped Application with all the necessary and modified features arrives, the users will move towards that Application. GB WhatsApp and Telegram, both these applications are primarily used for sending and sharing media. Both applications are well at their place, and we recommend our users use GB WhatsApp and Telegram, according to their taste.

WhatsApp extension has all the features that a user at this time needs. On the other hand, Telegram is also a good application, but this Application has no more advanced features or attributes than the WhatsApp extension. This article has covered all the aspects of GB WhatsApp vs Telegram. For more such blogs, check the blogs section of this site.

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