ER WhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version May 2024

WhatsApp is operated by every second person all over the world. But this application needs some features that are asked for by our youngsters nowadays. That’s why many people prefer to use the versions of WhatsApp instead of simple WhatsApp. In this article, we will converse about the Chatting application ER WhatsApp APK, which fulfills all the essentials of our youth that they asked for.


ER WhatsApp APK v38.0 download




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Version 38.0

One can get official whatsapp from Google Play Store. Stay connected with this article till last, and find information about more modified whatsApp chatting applications here.

What is ER WhatsApp

ER WhatsApp download

ER WhatsApp is a well-furnished version of WhatsApp used as a basis for the most well-known Muslim Warrior, Ertugural Ghazi. If someone from you is a massive fan of Ertugural, you should try this fantastic application. This is an Official Extension of the Original WhatsApp that any third-party developer has developed to give tribute to this Muslim Leader, “Ertugural Ghazi.”

ER WhatsApp ApK Features

This WhatsApp extension has numerous boosted and exciting features that make the application’s interface more attractive and charming. The features of this application are almost identical to the rest of the other extensions of WhatsApp. A few more modification has been made to this version. Go forward to have a glance at its surprising attributes. The features that this application has been given beneath.

ER WhatsApp features

Freeze Online Toast

The option to conceal your Last Seen is good, but there is an option in this WhatsApp extension to cease your Last Seen. After you enable this tool, your Last Seen gets frozen, and even if you are Online, people see only your frozen Last Seen. 

Conceal Ticks

Users of ER WhatsApp have the opportunity to hide their Blue Tick marks to make their privacy super strong. When you enable this feature, you can hide blue ticks by your side. People do not see the blue ticks from your side, but you can see the blue ticks of others. This is a plus point and a modified tool in this application not present in other versions of WhatsApp.

Conceal Typing and Recording Toast

In this edition of WhatsApp, it is possible to hide your Typing and Recording Toast from others. This tool works so that when you type or record anything, only a blank bar will be shown to your contact member.  

Conceal Story View Toast

Users of this application have access to hide their Story View Toast. In this way, you can easily see the stories of others without showing other people. 

Themes Customization

The edition has various themes to make your app’s interface attractive and furnished. Also, a light and dark theme option is available in this application. 

Scheduled Messaging

Sending messages according to dates and times is possible. You can make a schedule to send any critical message on time. 

Create Close Group

In this edition of WhatsApp, users can make close groups. In this way, the chosen people will only see your posts. 

Anti-revoke Messages

A user can identify any deleted message by possessing this feature.


Many exist, including deep, light, solid, and dark shades. 


You can secure your application by setting any lock. This application also permits its users to set a lock on their Private Chats.


Using this application, your privacy could be more robust in your Chatter. Because of this, you have numerous features to hide your details. You also can hide your status, blue ticks, online and typing toast, and many more.

Whatspp vs ER WhatsApp

FeaturesER WhatsAppOriginal WhatsApp
Themes100+Only 2
Hide Blue TicksYesNo
Freeze Last SeenYesNo
Hide Status View ToastYesNo
Characters to type on Status225135 
Transfer Large FilesYesNo
Download StatusYesNo
DND ModeYesNo
LanguagesMore than 5Only English
Chat LockYesNo
Share images at a timeMore than 10Only 5
Forwarded TagNoYes
Scheduled MessagesYesNo
Anti-Delete MessagesYesNo
Anti-Delete StatusYesNo
Video CallsYesYes
Audio CallsYesYes

Download Method:

If you want to make this application a part of your device, then there are some limitations that you should follow. These limitations are as follows:

  • Device Specialization:
  • There should be an empty space of more than 70 MB to operate this application smoothly. 
  • Your Android should be of the latest version.
  • Your gadget should have an APK File.

After fulfilling the above steps, you can move toward the download route. 

How to download ER WhatsApp on Android:

  • Just click on the link of this application from this article and copy it.
  • Paste the copied link in the Search Slab.
  • Allow the ER WhatsApp to be browsed.
  • Download it and move towards its Installation Route. 

Installation Commands:

You are necessitated to pursue the following steps to install this fantastic application. 

  • First, copy the given link of this application from this piece of writing.
  • Allow it to download.
  • After completing the download process, permits all the assets to be installed without any blunder. 
  • After this, just tap the Install Stud.
  • Between some instant, this application will be the chunk of your device.

How to download ER WhatsApp for PC:

ER, WhatsApp can also be operated on a PC and Laptop without any query. No matter what is the version of Windows. It can support all versions of Windows, but Windows 10 is most suitable for this to operate smoothly and fastly. 

ER WhatsApp PC

To run any application on a PC, there is a need to have an Emulator. If you have this emulator, then read the following steps and follow these to download ER WhatsApp on your PC.

  • The PC should have Windows version 7, 8, or 10.
  • Just copy the link of the extension from an article.
  • Paste the link to the search band.
  • Give the command to go through the process of downloading.

After downloading, just tap the Install Stud and enjoy this Super Duper Chatting application.

ER, WhatsApp advantages:

The advantages that this application possesses are as follows:

  • Anti-Delete Messages
  • Anti-Delete Status
  • Provides various Themes
  • Font Styles
  • Font Size
  • Increased character limit
  • Improve transferring limit
  • Anti-Ban
  • DND Mode is present
  • Improved Security setup
  • Trustworthy application
  • Allow using two WhatsApp Accounts

ER, WhatsApp disadvantages

This edition of WhatsApp has the disadvantage that it cannot be downloaded through Play Store because a third-party website has created it. We have to download this by having an APK file on our gadgets.

Also, the danger of getting banned in the future is roaming because it is not Legal Website. All the current versions of ER WhatsApp are Anti-Ban, but we could not say anything about the upcoming versions. 

ER WhatsApp Information

NameER WhatsApp
VersionV 38.0
App Size65 MB
Recent UpdateMay 2024
Required SystemAndroid 
At Play StoreNot Available
APK Detail

The current version of ER WhatsApp

The freshly released version of this application V 38.0, carries many excellent tools to put magic in your Chitter-Chatter. People are asking for more advanced features to make their Chatting Interface more embellished and stylish. That’s why continuous improvement in the features of applications has been made. Also, a few more features have been added in the extension day by day.

Fresh Update of ER WhatsApp

Its latest Version, v38.0, was recently updated on may 2024.


You have now explored all the necessary information and details about this article. Now, it depends upon you whether to download this or not. But the advice from my side is that everyone should try this fully furnished Application at least once. After trying, you will be in love with this app because this application’s exciting and cool tools can quickly grasp users’ attention. 

This application has features that can easily beat any other Messaging Application worldwide. There is no application that can be compatible with this fantastic extension. 

What is ER WhatsApp APK?

ER WhatsApp is a well-furnished version of WhatsApp that allows its users to use two accounts in a single device without any restrictions. This application is based on name of Ertugural Ghazi, along with various equipped features to make this application super cool and fantastic.

Is ER WhatsApp secure to use?

Yes, this WhatsApp edition is fully secure and safe to use. You can utilize this app anywhere at any time

What’s new in latest application?

The working and features of this extension are primarily identical to the rest of the extensions of WhatsApp. One new thing is that when you enable the hide blue tick option, you can see the blue ticks of other people.

Can we run this application on PC or tablets?

Being an advanced application, this application can be operated on PC and Laptops without any hassle.

Is there any need to pay to download themes?

No. This application has multiple themes that can be downloaded at zero cost.

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