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Updated on: April 05, 2024

Nowadays, everyone desires to try new OG WhatsApp application free related to chitchat and contact to shatter communication barriers. Are you also searching for it?


OG WhatsApp APK Download




Downloads 1M+

Version 17.70

Here it is. Now you can talk to your buddies, family associates, and multiple others for various purposes. OGWhatsApp is completely free to use with endless features. It is developed on the original WhatsApp model.


About OG WhatsApp

Application NameOGWhatsApp
Required OS5+
Size55.8 MB
Latest UpdateApril 2024

Latest Version

OG WhatsApp launches his new version 17.52

System Requirements

This application requires only 5+ android operating system


Third party developers design this application


Screen Shorts

OG WhatsApp APK Latest Version

Key Features April 2024


Lock System

OGWhatsApp, a customized version WhatsApp, uses a lock feature that improves privacy. This function enables individuals to lock their conversations, protecting against unauthorized accessibility. They can do this by using a fingerprint or passcode. This added layer of safety shields messages as well as media in the app from prying eyes.

Backup and restore

OGWhatsApp gives a backup and restore feature that permits customers to secure their conversation background as well as media files. This feature enables individuals to create automated or hands-on backups of their chats. If a user sheds their data or switches phones, they can restore all conversations as well as papers, making sure that the messaging experience is seamless.

Keep photos and videos hidden from the gallery

The “Keep photos and videos hidden from the gallery” feature in OGWhatsApp allows users to hide specific media files from their device’s gallery. By selecting this option, photos and videos sent or received through OGWhatsApp won’t appear in the phone’s standard gallery app. This offers an added layer of privacy, ensuring that sensitive or private media remains hidden and accessible only within the messaging app.

Feature “Message scheduler” built into the system

The “Message scheduler” feature integrated into OGWhatsApp allows users to schedule messages for future delivery. With this functionality, one can compose a message and select the desired date and time for it to be sent automatically. This feature is particularly useful for sending birthday wishes, reminders, or important messages at specific times, ensuring timely communication without the need for manual intervention.

Block a specific person’s calls

OGWhatsApp offers users the ability to block specific contacts’ calls, preventing unwanted or annoying calls from reaching the user. This feature grants greater control over communication, ensuring a peaceful experience and avoiding disturbances from undesired contacts.
Support for root-based status downloads

Enable the all-time online option

OGWhatsApp offers the option to appear online at all times, regardless of the actual user activity. This feature ensures that the user’s online status remains constant, providing enhanced privacy and control over when others can see them online.

Picture share limit

With OGWhatsApp, users can share pictures without being restricted by the usual image file size limits. This feature allows seamless sharing of high-resolution images, providing an enhanced media-sharing experience.

Full resolution

OGWhatsApp enables users to send and receive media files, such as images and videos, in their original full resolution. This ensures that media quality remains uncompromised, allowing for clear and detailed sharing with contacts.

Application language

OGWhatsApp supports multiple languages, giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred language for the app’s interface. This feature enhances accessibility for users worldwide, ensuring a more user-friendly and personalized experience.

Dial a non-added number

Users can directly dial or call a phone number using OGWhatsApp without adding the contact to their phonebook. This time-saving feature simplifies communication, making it convenient to connect with new or temporary contacts.

Strong privacy features

IT provides robust privacy options, including hiding last seen, blue ticks, typing indicators, and more. Users can customize their privacy settings, ensuring that they control the visibility of their activities and maintain confidentiality.

Online visibility

The online visibility feature in OGWhatsApp lets users see when their contacts are online in real-time. This enhances communication, enabling users to connect with friends and family when they are available for instant messaging.

DND (Do not Disturb) Mode

OGWhatsApp includes a “Do not Disturb” mode, allowing users to silence notifications and alerts temporarily. This feature ensures uninterrupted focus or relaxation time without being bothered by constant message notifications.

Message a number

OGWhatsApp allows users to send messages to phone numbers, even if the numbers are not saved in their contacts. This feature simplifies communication, enabling users to reach out to new or unknown contacts with ease.

Sending many images is possible

With OGWhatsApp, users can send multiple images in a single message without restrictions on the number of pictures shared. This feature streamlines media sharing, making it effortless to share multiple images at once.

Dual account access on one device

OGWhatsApp enables users to manage both personal as well as service WhatsApp accounts from a solitary tool

More status features

the user can now update multiple types of statuses in this application. For instance, they can update their own voice status, music status or in video.

Set lock to the conversation

Now it will give you an extra feature of privacy, user can now lock their chat with their face lock and thumb lock and passcodes.

Stickers support

Sticker support in this application is awesome, you can download stickers from different genres, and fields.

Themes and Customizations

Now you can add your favorite theme with according to your interests, like blue or with multiple shades .


Many other applications are banned due to their unknown and miscellaneous modified versions. but this is anti ban apk now you can download it without any worries.

Save/Download Status

This has an useful “Save/Download status” attribute that enables customers to download and install or conserve photos and also videos shared by their get in touches with as conditions. This feature permits individuals to save as well as gain access to media web content, without having to ask friends for it. It boosts the individual’s benefit and produces a terrific messaging experience.

Privacy & Security

It protects their privacy. This additional layer of security allows users to enjoy media content in a discreet manner, without having their individual information endangered or notifying other individuals regarding their actions.

Chat Settings

This is an attribute that allows users to personalize their chats, gives them higher control over the discussions

Themes & Fonts

“Themes & font styles” attribute of OG WhatsApp brings a little creative thinking and also individualization to the messaging platform. Users can choose from a variety of styles and typefaces to tailor the look of their application. This feature improves the aesthetic appeal of the application and lets users reveal their own style in their messaging user interface

Backup & Restore

Users can back up conversations, setups, media files as well as other information. This makes certain that beneficial info is secured. This function enables smooth data restoration in case of tool change or loss. Individuals can easily recover their chat history, choices, as well as media files

Regular Updates

OGWhatsApp team working on it regular updates for its users so they don’t face any inconvenience. For the users, please visit my website for checking regular updates.

How to Install on Android


Step 1: Download APK

Step number one begins with downloading OG WhatsApp APK from GBWhatsappfree.net because of unavailability of OGWhatsApp from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Backup Your Data

To begin, you need to backup your WhatsApp information. Open WhatsApp, after that most likely to Setups > Chats > “Conversation Back-up.” Your conversations as well as other media can be supported to Google Drive, or on the device itself.

Step 3: Installation

The next step is to set up OG WhatsApp. When you have actually downloaded the APK, locate it on your gadget in either its files manager or in Download folder. Install the APK by touching on it. To finish the installation, follow the steps on screen .

Step 4: Give Permissions

Most likely to Settings > Safety And Security or Biometrics as well as Safety And Security > Unknown Sources, and also transform it on.

Step 5: Customize Your Number

Open OG WhatsApp after setup. You will be asked to enter your number. Go into the number that you initially made use of to mount WhatsApp. To validate your number, you will certainly be sent a code by SMS or Call.

Step 6: Recover Backup

Recover the backup of your WhatsApp chat Throughout first configuration, OG WhatsApp asks if you wish to restore your back-up. Select the Step 1 backup to be recovered. After the remediation, you will be able to utilize OG WhatsApp as normal WhatsApp. The interface may differ depending on which variation of OG WhatsApp you are using.

OG Whatsapp Apk Installation

How to Update

to update your OGwhatsApp version you have to visit website GBWhatsappFree.net for latest version and download APK in your device. Now installed or update it or follow the method above How to download and install OGWhatsApp on mobile.

WhatsApp Vs OG Whatsapp

Hide MediaNOYES
Auto ReplyNOYES
File sharing Limit100 MB999MB
Best Quality imagesNOYES
Show Typing statusNOYES
Bulk MessagesNOYES
Security Lock SystemNOYES
Message forwarding Limit5 ContactsUnlimited Contacts
Do Not DisturbNOYES
Disable CallsNOYES

Is OG WhatsApp Safe or Not?

OG WhatsApp is considered safe and secure for users that focus on personal privacy. It provides added features like adjustable themes, increased data-sharing restrictions, and the choice to conceal online conditions. Since it’s a modified variation of WhatsApp, it is consistently updated by developers, decreasing prospective safety and security risks. Nonetheless, individuals should still be cautious while downloading from relied-on resources to ensure a safe experience.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is OG WhatsApp?

It is a application based on original WhatsApp model to provide communication throughout world

How do We download OG WhatsApp?

You can download this application through www.gbwhatsappfree.net. After downloading you can follow the save steps that mention above

How do We update the OG WhatsApp?

you can download this application by downloading its APK in your device and continue the method of installation. It will be updated on your phone.

Is It Safe to Use or Not?

Yes, it is completely save and sound for its users.

Final Words

To Conclude, It is true that OG WhatsApp has distinctive features with all perspective. One can download and enjoy it. this application based on some extra features giving to its users. OG WhatsApp is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp for those users who are looking for improved privacy as well as personalization functions. It offers a protected and also safe platform for messaging with its normal updates, and the community of programmers that is devoted to it. It is essential to only use OG WhatsApp from reliable resources in order to minimize any safety worries. Make the most of the benefits it gives, yet use caution and discretion in the digital globe. Happy messaging!

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OG WhatsApp APK
Operating System
Android 5
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