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Discover the newest WhatsApp update that will add creative thinking to your conversations – you can create your whatsapp stickers. Every person can now sign up for the enjoyment of making whatsapp sticker labels. Imagine sharing your sticker labels, created how you like them, with friends and family. The choices are unlimited, from humorous memes to cute doodles. These stickers are an amazing and brand-new way of interacting, allowing you to reveal on your own without words. The sticker creation procedure has been made intuitive and easy to use.

whatsapp stickers

You can develop stickers by selecting an image from your gallery and cropping it. Personalized stickers will aid you in revealing your design and also a feeling of wit. WhatsApp’s sticker feature makes it much easier than ever before to connect with loved ones. Find out about the most recent WhatsApp update that will certainly add creativity to your conversations – you can develop your stickers. Every person can now join in the fun of making stickers. WhatsApp’s sticker feature makes it much easier than ever before to connect with loved ones.

How to create stickers for WhatsApp

How to create stickers for WhatsApp
  1. Select Your Images: Pick the photos you want to exchange sticker labels. You can use images, images or doodles. 
  2. Edit and Crop: If necessary, use a photo editing app to modify and crop your photos. 
  3. See to it that they are centred within a rectangle-shaped shape. Background removal: When using pictures, remove the history to focus on the subject. You can do this with a selection of apps. 
  4. Sticker Label Selection:
  5. Download an app to make sticker labels from your application store. You can choose from a large range of applications for Android and iphone.
  6. Produce New Sticker Pack Open the sticker label application and develop an all-new sticker label pack.
  7. Provide it with a name that mirrors your sticker style.
  8. Include Stickers In your sticker label pack, and you will find areas to add sticker labels.
  9. Include your photos one by one.
  10. Add Emojis and also Text (Optional).
  11. Some apps let you include messages or emojis on your stickers. Personalize them much more! 
  12. Save & Export: Once you have your stickers, you can save and export them. 
  13. Contribute to WhatsApp: Your stickers prepare to shine. Look for “Include Custom-made Stickers” and “Produce Your Stickers” in the sticker section of WhatsApp. Select the sticker label pack that you produced.
  14. Sticker-making: Voila. Currently, your sticker labels are available on WhatsApp. Open up the stickers section whenever you are chatting, and send your creations. Some applications allow you to add messages or emojis to your stickers. 
  15. Include to WhatsApp: Your stickers are ready to beam. Search for “Add Personalized Stickers” and “Create Your Sticker labels” in the sticker label area of WhatsApp. Select the sticker label pack that you created.

How to use stickers

How to use stickers

Download and send stickers

  • Get a Sticker When you receive a sticker from a friend in a conversation, it will appear in your chat.
  • Tap on the sticker to save it. The sticker will be downloaded and added to your library.
  • Your Stickers To view your stickers you can open the chat window and click the smiley icon beside the text field. You will be taken to the stickers section.
  • Sticker Library: You’ll see your library of stickers in the section. You can swipe through all the stickers that you have downloaded and choose the one that you would like to use.
  • Send Sticker: Once you have selected a sticker to use, simply tap it on the screen. That’s it!
  • Search Stickers: (Optional ) If you own a large collection of stickers you can search for specific ones using the bar by entering relevant keywords.
  • Download more Stickers: To add to your collection you can explore the WhatsApp Sticker Store and download stickers packs. Tap on the “plus” icon to access the sticker packs.
  • Manage stickers: You can manage sticker packs in the sticker library by clicking on the name of the pack. You can delete packs or add them here.
  • Mark Stickers as Favorites: Tap the star icon to mark stickers for easy access. These stickers will appear under the “Starred section” of your sticker collection.

How to make WhatsApp stickers on Android

How to make WhatsApp stickers on Android
  • Select Your Image: You can choose the image you wish to convert into stickers. This could be pictures, sketches, or anything else you want.
  • Download Sticker Maker Software Visit Google Play Store to search for sticker makers. Popular options include “Sticker Maker” for WhatsApp and “Stickify.”
  • Create New Sticker Pack
  • Look for the button to create a sticker pack in the app.
  • Name your sticker set after the theme.
  • Add Stickers To The Pack
  • You can add stickers to the pack.
  • The app will guide you through the process. You will be guided through the entire process by this app.
  • Add Stickers (Optional).
  • You can edit your stickers using emojis or text.
  • Create your own stickers by customizing them.
  • Export and Save
  • Save the stickers pack in the app once you’re done.
  • Add Sticker pack to WhatsApp
  • Go to the chat in WhatsApp.
  • Stickers are available by tapping the Emoji icon located next to the text entry field.
  • You may see an “Add” option or “+”.
  • Choose the sticker set you have created. The stickers will now be available on WhatsApp.
  • Send Stickers
  • Go to your sticker section and choose the newly-added pack.
  • Tap on the sticker to share it with your chat.
  • Manage Sticker Packs Optional:
  • To manage sticker packs, tap the sticker icon and then “+”.
  • You can order, add or remove sticker packs here.

How to make WhatsApp stickers on iPhone

GBWhatsApp info has noted that the new features, WhatsApp iPhone version 23.3.7, are currently available on the Application Store. This update lets individuals easily pick one of their photos and turn it into WhatsApp stickers. There’s a catch. There needs to be an apparent user interface to develop a sticker label collection instead of what some individuals could expect. WhatsApp’s sticker label attribute is incorporated with iOS 16 API, which separates a topic from a photo utilizing the drag-and-decline gesture.

How to make WhatsApp stickers on iPhone

You need to Open the Photos application on your iPhone, Select a picture of a Faucet, and hang on the subject you wish to make right into a sticker. Drag and drop the icon right into a WhatsApp Conversation. WhatsApp will then ask you whether you want to transform the image into a sticker. The sticker label will be saved in your WhatsApp collection after sending it. Based on the subject detection of photos presented in iOS 16, this feature can not be utilized with previous variations. Telegram and iMessage both allow you to create stickers utilizing your photos.

WhatsApp Stickers Free Download

You can download and make your own stickers for making your chat next level.

WhatsApp Stickers Free Download

WhatsApp Stickers App Name

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WhatsApp Stickers App Name


WhatsApp has new features in sticker fields. Now you can make your own sticker to boost your fun with your beloved. you can try different styles and different categories of stickers. Download recent update of WhatsApp to enjoy this enhancement in communication


All FAQs are taken from official website of WhatsApp . All credit goes to their company.

What are the requirements for WhatsApp stickers?

Custom stickers must meet the following requirements:
Each sticker has a transparent background.
Stickers must be exactly 512×512 pixels.
Each sticker must be less than 100 KB.

How does stickers work in WhatsApp?

To send a sticker, locate and tap the one you want to use. The sticker is sent as soon as you tap it. Stickers are categorized based on the emoji displayed on the icons. To view a set of sticker categories, tap .

Does WhatsApp have a sticker limit?

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new limit for sending animated stickers: when the sticker is too large, it won’t be sent/forwarded, so certain users cannot create bad stickers irresponsibly. The size limit may vary according to the platform, but generally it’s 1MB per sticker.

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