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Updated on: May,2024

In the running era, every person wants something new like Aero WhatsApp to explore things. We all use mobile phones in this current era; we also share images and videos using our devices. We all stay connected with our surrounding circle in different ways. But we are all looking for an app with more advanced and new features to make your texting habitat cool and modern.


Aero WhatsApp APK Download




Downloads 5M+

Version 10.24

If you are also searching for such an application, this article is definitely for you. We will discuss a surprising and exciting Chat application, Aero WhatsApp, to our users. Stay tuned with us till the end, and explore brand discoveries in Chatting Adobe. 

AERO WhatsApp download

APP Information

NameAero WhatsApp
DeveloperBozkurt Hazarr
Released onMay 2024
Size82 MB
CategoryWhatsApp Messenger
OS EssentialAndroid 5+
APK Detail

Latest Version 10.24

Old Versions

What is Aero WhatsApp

To is a Contrive and an astonishing application that permits its users to enjoy and utilize many features and tools free of cost. You can make a very calm and eye-catching interface to amuse your users. This extension has been released in recent years carrying all the necessary attributes and tools that we require.

The features or quality of this application is to provide us with a robust security setup. Users can hide their profile images and conceal their last seen blue ticks, also able to cease the Last Seen. Moreover, this application has a lot of themes that users can use to make the interface more beautiful. All of you should attempt this equipped application. At this point, we are now moving to explore its mesmerizing features. So, let’s move on and glance at its surprising and glamorous attributes. 

What’s New in Aero WhatsApp 2024

In Aero WhatsApp APK 2024 updated and latest version, Enhancement of Privacy and Security on its peak. On the other hand, Its features of customization also improved due to which its become more close to user and its demands.

Screen Shorts

Aero WhatsApp screenshot

Aero WhatsApp Features

This application comprises the following features. 

AERO WhatsApp features

Finger Lock

Chat Lock

Hide Chat

Hide Status

Small Size

Verified & Trusted

Status Download

Auto reply

Multiple Accounts

New Themes

Enhanced Privacy


Security Setup

Fingerprint Lock

In this application, you can set a fingerprint lock to secure your personal and private Information. 

Chat Lock

You can also lock some of your private conversations to make them secure. 

Privacy Attributes

Conceal Blue ticks

After enabling this feature, you can conceal or hide the blue ticks. Your contact member can’t see the blue tick by your side, meaning you have not seen a person’s message.

Conceal one tick

You can also conceal one grey tick.

Hide Recording

By enabling this feature, you can easily record your voice without seeing it to the next person. 

Hide Chats

You can conceal your private chats in this WhatsApp extension to secure your data and Information.

Anti-Delete Messages and Status

You can permit this feature to see all the deleted texts and statuses of your contacts.

Customization Attributes

  • Themes:

This extension has over 3000 themes to make the interface more attractive and cool. You can opt for all of the themes on your Home page, Universal Page, and Chats Page. 

  • Colour Schemes:

This application permits its users to use different colours in their text to make the application eye-catching and super cool. 

  • Font size and Style:

This WhatsApp extension has various font styles and sizes up to 60. You can use different font sizes at any time according to your need. 

  • Emojis:

There is a pack of cool emojis. Also, this application provides six variant emojis. 

Advance Features

More advanced and unique features of this application are as follows:

  1. Improved Limit to forward messages to more than 220 Chats at a time
  2. You can share up to 10 images at a time without any hurdle
  3. You can alter the App’s icon 
  4. Users can send messages to any unsaved number
  5. Aeroplane Mode is available in this application
  6. DND has been added to its updated version
  7. You can remove the forwarded tag 
  8. Auto reply option is also present
  9. Users can easily download their favourite status
  10. There is an option to conceal media from Gallery
  11. There is also a voice change feature through which you can send voice notes in different voices
  12. You can share or transfer images with high resolution without any compression issue

System Requirements

This version needs the following essentials from your Android to install on your Device. These requirements are as follows:

  • You have the v 5.0 or above than this on your Device.
  • There is necessary for your Device to have a vacant space of 90 MB because this application is 82 MB. 
  • You also have a downloaded APK File.

If you are fully relay on all the requirements as mentioned above, you are entirely geared up to download this application to your apparatus. 

How to Download Aero WhatsApp

After consummating all the requirements, follow the following steps to download this application. 

Firstly you need to download an APK file in your appliance to move towards the download method of Aero WhatsApp. If you have downloaded APK File, then you need to pursue the following steps:

  • Step: 1

Move towards the APK File.

  • Step: 2

Put down the required App in the Research batten.

  • Step: 3

Permit the application to be browsed without any restriction.

  • Step: 4

After browsing, please pick up the desired application, and allow it to download.

  • Step: 5

Wait to finish the downloading bar.

  • Step: 6

Save the downloaded App in the desired place of your gadget.

Installation Route:

After pursuing the above steps, the time comes to install this excellent application.

  • Step: 1

Open the downloaded Aero WhatsApp.

  • Step: 2

You see the Install button there; pop this.

  • Step: 3

After only nanoseconds, this application will be in your apparatus. 

Enjoy the attributes of this application and make your Text and Status more voguish. 

Aero WhatsApp for PC

You can also enjoy the taste of this application on your PC or Laptop. For this, you need to be equipped with the following steps:

Aero WhatsApp for pc
  • First, you need to have an emulator known as Bluestacks Emulator. 
  • Go to this Emulator page.
  • Type the link of this application in the research bar.
  • Permits to browse.
  • Pick the needed application and allow it to download. 
  • After finishing the downloading line, this application is ready to be installed.
  • Just click on the install knob, and after only a few seconds, this application will be on your Desktop screen. 

Enjoy the features of this application on your PC also, and make your chatterbox more stylish and cool.

For IOS Devices

Aero WhatsApp for IOS

Need of Aero WhatsApp

A widespread query that every second person asks is why we need to deal with this WhatsApp Version. The answer to all of those is that if you are looking for a Texting application that can improve your Chatter Box and give you advanced security and privacy attributes, then this application is definitely for you. It would be best if you strived to use this App to see its appealing and surprising features. 

How to Use

You need your country code and mobile number to start any WhatsApp extension. This application is mainly similar to the rest of the wings of WhatsApp. You can start this application in the following way:

  • Open the Aero WhatsApp.
  • You will see an interface that demands a mobile number ahead of your country code. You need to type the required Information.
  • After this, the company will send a confirmation code to your provided mobile number; write down the code. 
  • Afterwards, the App asks you to set your Profile Image. Select the image, and this App is fully prepared for use.

Aero WhatsApp’s updated version

The most recent and up-to-date version of this application is  V10.24, released on May 2024. This version also carries more advanced attributes lacking in its previous versions. This updated version covers the improved quality of a few features, and many more advanced features have been added. A few of them are as follows:

AERO WhatsApp update
  • Addition of more themes.
  • Increased Message Forwarding limit upto 250 Chats 
  • Six emoji variant feature has been added
  • Allow hiding the media from Gallery
  • You have control over Calls
  • DND Mode has been added
  • Improved the sending limit of images upto ten at a single click
  • You can easily download the customized stickers

Recent Update

This v10.24 of this WhatsApp extension has been updated recently on May 2024.

Advantages of Aero WhatsApp:

Pros of this extension are the following:

  • You are in a position to conceal Blue Ticks
  • You can cover one tick
  • You can hide the Previous Time of your App
  • You can make your App private by concealing your Profile image, Last seen, and many more
  • You can place your Chats and Group separate 
  • You can set a Fingerprint Lock 
  • This application is fully End-to-End Encrypted
  • You can quickly restore your chats and data through Google Drive
  • You are in a position to send High-Quality images without compressing them
  • This App has a cool and optimized interface
  • All the features are well customized and faster in performance
  • Aero WhatsApp is an Anti-Ban application

Disadvantages of Aero WhatsApp:

All the versions are WhatsApp, not created directly by WhatsApp’s Developer; that’s why these all are illegal. Due to this reason, there is a high risk that it can pose your Private Information. 

Another con of this App is we can’t download this extension from Google Play Store. 

Aero WhatsApp VS WhatsApp

FeaturesAero WhatsAppWhatsApp
Customization Option✔️
Pictures Sending This app allows you to send images without compressing themWhatsApp sends the images by compressing the sort of images
Sending Files LimitThis version allows the users to send any media fileBut WhatsApp allow some of the file to be sent
DND Mode✔️
Finger Print Lock✔️
Themes OptionMore than 3000Only 2
Various Emojis✔️
Private Chat✔️
Anti-Delete Messages✔️
Anti-Delete Status✔️
Video Sharing limit on statusMore than 1 minuteOnly 30 Seconds
Hide Blue Ticks✔️

Is Aero WhatsApp Safe or Not?

Aero WhatsApp, as well as various other changed versions of WhatsApp, might have extra functions. However, WhatsApp or its parent firm Facebook do not officially recommend them. These changed versions may pose safety risks to your gadget and your individual data. It is best only to download and install from accredited application stores such as Google Play Shop on Android tools, Or sources such as Your personal privacy and data security are critical. It is essential to use Aero WhatsApp from a relied-on resource. It will make sure that you have a secure messaging experience.

Final Verdict

Aero WhatsApp is a superb application equipped with all the necessary tools our users demand. Every version of this extension has many tools continuously updated with every next version. This updated version also has some minor updated attributes to make the application super cool and increase the App’s rating. 

While using Aero WhatsApp, you can stay interlinked with your Family and Friend’s circle without any hurdles. You can comfortably share images, videos, statuses, and essential files. 

To attain all the above mention benefits, you should try this App to make your gossip super cool and modish.


The frequently asked queries about Aero WhatsApp are as follows:

By whom this WhatsApp extension has been created?

This fantastic extension has been created by a person named Bozkurt Hazarr, a third-party app developer.

Why is this application well-known and demanded by users?

This application has all the fantastic attributes that a user need in his Chitter-Chatter. These attributes include a Secured Privacy System, the improved Limit of sending images and high-size files, increased characters of status, and many more.

How many themes are available in Aero WhatsApp?

This extension has advanced themes up to 3200.

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