Top 10 WhatsApp Apps Worldwide Free in 2024

WhatsApp is an application through which we can send images, files, documents, etc. You can also make Audio and Video Calls from this. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 WhatsApp apps in modified form. There are a variety of WhatsApp Apps along with unique and advanced features. We are moving forward to have a glance at a few of them in this article. All versions not available on Play Store but available on

Top 10 WhatsApp Apps


1. GB WhatsApp

Top 10 WhatsApp Apps no 1 is GB WhatsApp is the most advanced and customized extension of WhatsApp. It has been created by a third party developer and is now maintained by AlexMods. There is a bundle of new features in this app as compared to all others. This APK is well known and almost every second person using this WhatsApp due to its astonishing features. This is also in demand because you can run multiple accounts through the same application.

For more details/download link, click Download GB Whatsapp.

gb whatsapp free downloing

Features of GB WhatsApp:

The features of GB WhatsApp are as follows:

  • You can hide your Online Status from every contact.
  • You can cease your Last Seen Status.
  • You can write more Status Characters without the restriction of any limit. 
  • You can customize the interface by your own’s choice.
  • While using GB WhatsApp you can easily save the status of any contact member. 
  • In GB WhatsApp there is an option to hide any conversation. 
  • There is complete control of yours on Blue Ticks in GB WhatsApp.
  • You can send 90+ images at the same time and can also send files consisting of larger MBs.
  • This GB WhatsApp supports all versions of Android devices. 
  • You can also operate GB WhatsApp on PC or Laptop. 
GB Whatsapp FM Whatsapp Whatsapp PLus

2. FM WhatsApp

Top 10 WhatsApp Apps no 2 is FM WhatsApp is also another extension app of WhatsApp. It has been developed by Fouad Mokdad. It is more customized and advanced as compared to all other apps of WhatsApp. Features of this WhatsApp are going to be discussed. 

fm whatsapp

Features of FM WhatsApp:

In this MOD of WhatsApp, you can enjoy the following features:

  • After using this you can freeze your Last Seen Time.
  • You can send high-resolution images in FM WhatsApp.
  • You can resize the original image and set it according to your needs.
  • In FM WhatsApp, there is a unique feature to share the video on status along with a duration of more than 1 minute.
  • At a time, more than 50 images can be sent in this MOD of WhatsApp.
  • More than 80 MBs of voice recording could be shared.
  • More than 700 MBs of files could be transferred to any contact member without any restriction.
  • Twitter and Telegram need to be followed to stay updated. 

3. WhatsApp Plus

Top 10 WhatsApp Apps no 3 is WhatsApp Plus APK is very similar to the Original WhatsApp. The icon of this app is blue. This application has been created in 2012 by Rafalense. But later on, it was also controlled by AlexMods.

Whatsapp Plus

Features of WhatsApp Plus:

This application includes the following Features:

  • This application has a bundle of emojis, and the amazing factor is that these emojis could only be seen by those who have WhatsApp Plus also.
  • The Icon of WhatsApp Plus is changed able, you can alter the color of the icon at any time. 
  • You can choose any theme of your own choice because they are 700 in number.
  • You can send the voice recordings in different voices.
  • You can maintain the quality of your images and videos in WhatsApp Plus.
  • You can send large-size files easily in this MOD of WhatsApp.

4. WhatsApp MA

This is also another advanced MOD of WhatsApp. This MOD is mostly known for its Security Features that the Original WhatsApp and other MODS of WhatsApp lack. 

ma whatsapp

Features of WhatsApp MA:

  • You can easily avoid unexpected calls by clicking the hide call button.
  • You can forward any message to more than 5 contacts.
  • The amazing feature of WhatsApp MA is to Zoom In and Zoom Out on profile pictures.
  • You can delete unnecessary documents and files.
  • You can send high-quality pictures.
  • An interesting feature of WhatsApp MA is to hide Archived Messages. 
  • You can Preview any file before it’s downloaded.
AZ whatsapp Yo Whatsapp Soula Whatsapp Fouad Whatsapp

5. AZ WhatsApp

Top 10 WhatsApp Apps no 5 is AZ WhatsApp APK is an amazing extension. The latest version of this application is v 10.90. It needs an Android 4.0+ version. Original WhatsApp comes up with some limitations, but AZWhatsApp covers all those requirements that was required by users anxiously. 

az whatsapp

Features of AZWhatsApp:

  • You can easily Lock up your WhatsApp MOD to avoid any misuse of it.
  • You can Lock up your conversations.
  • This AZWhatsApp has 3000+ themes. You can utilize these themes to make your interface more attractive.
  • There are 30+ Fonts in AZWhatsApp.
  • While using AZWhatsApp, you have the option to deliver multiple images at the same time.  
  • You can set your Always Online Status.
  • You can hide Typing Status.
  • You can share the video for up to 7 minutes of duration.
  • Different styles of Blue Ticks are present in AZWhatsApp.

6. Yo WhatsApp

Top 10 WhatsApp Apps no 6 is YoWhatsApp APK is a more advanced MOD of WhatsApp. The latest update of this application takes place on 8th August 2023. 

yo whatsapp

Features of YoWhatsApp:

  • There is an addition of new emoji that helps you to communicate with others stylishly.
  • You can Block unwanted Calls, this feature is not present in the Original WhatsApp.
  • You can set images in the wallpaper of every contact member separately, this helps you to satisfy visually. 
  • You can change the layout at any time using different and new themes. 
  • There is a cool feature to change the name color of any member of your group.
  • You can send 10+ images in a single click.
  • By pressing the Camera Button for a long, you can send high-quality images.
  • Your status in YoWhatsApp free download could be 200+ characters.

7. Soula WhatsApp

Among Top 10 WhatsApp Apps, Soula Whatsapp APK is for those people who want to tighten up their WhatsApp experience. It will provide you very unique and strong privacy setting. 

soula whatsapp

Features of SoulaWhatsApp:

Features of Among Top 10 WhatsApp Apps Soula WhatsApp are as follows:

  • It directly provides Backup to your device.
  • It helps to improve the Privacy Setting
  • You can type Status to an increased character limit.
  • An amazing and interesting feature is to send 100 images at a time.  
  • There is a bundle of new and interesting Emojis added in new update. 
  • There is a variety of Font Style present in Soula WhatsApp free download.

8. Fouad WhatsApp

Among Top 10 WhatsApp Apps Fouad WhatsApp is the Official extension of WhatsApp. You can use it for a long time without the fear of getting banned. Fouad WhatsApp has the amazing feature of Anti-Ban. This application provides unique features for its users to interact with people uniquely. This is used in 180+ countries with positive and high ratings.


Few Alternative Names of Foaud WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp Fouad
  • Fond WhatsApp
  • Feud WhatsApp
  • Ford WhatsApp
  • Fraud WhatsApp

Features of Fouad WhatsApp:

Same like the above mentioned features, this Fouad WhatsApp also has some interesting and mesmerizing features, Among Top 10 WhatsApp Apps which are as follows:

  • You can create a Broadcast of 1024 contacts in Fouad WhatsApp.
  • You can share more than ninety (90) images and videos in a click.
  • Sharing limit of video on WhatsApp is 5 minutes.
  • You can pin more than 100 chats.
  • You can convert any video into a GIF, consisting of 30 seconds of time duration. This feature is very unique because an Original WhatsApp GIF has a period of only 6 seconds. 
  • Fouad WhatsApp has a variety of stickers.
  • The image resolution could be controlled by us in new update. You can improve or lessen the resolution according to your need.
  • There is DND Mode in Fouad WhatsApp, which means that you can set the Mode of DND ( Do Not Disturb ) to just focus on your important tasks.
  • This application is Anti-Ban, you can use it forever without the fear of getting loss of your important Data.
OG WhatsApp and Go whatsApp

9. OG WhatsApp

Among Top 10 WhatsApp Apps OG WhatsApp APK is designed in such a way that its interface is very user-friendly, and provides cool features that has attracted many users over the period. This is also not been developed by the Official Developers of WhatsApp, but it is safe to use. 


Features of OG WhatsApp:

Most of the apps have almost same features with a little bit of advancement. Any new addition makes the apps different from one another. This OG WhatsApp ApK covers the following features:

  • Sometimes, you forgot to send any important message to someone due to a busy routine, OG WhatsApp provides you the opportunity to set up a Scheduled Message. You can set the Schedule consisting of Date and Time, your message will automatically be delivered to the person whom you want to be sent.
  • This is also Anti-Ban, you can utilize its features forever.
  • Same like the other WhatsApp’s apps, you can send many images in a single click.
  • The DND (Do Not Disturb) option is also available in OG WhatsApp.
  • You are capable to hide online status, last seen, status, profile images, and many other privacy factors.

10. WhatsApp GO

Go WhatsApp APK is the last extension of WhatsApp in this list, that usually comprises features that are not more modified as compared to the rest of the other apps. If you want to use a Featured and Simple Chatting application, then WhatsApp GO is the right choice. 

go whatsapp

Features of WhatsApp GO

WhatsApp GO consists of the following features:

  • WhatsApp GO is also Anti-Ban.
  • There are new and advanced Privacy Modes in WhatsApp GO.
  • You can set up privacy separately for Groups and Chats. 
  • In WhatsApp GO, you can even change the WhatsApp icon. 

Download Procedure of WhatsApp Apps

The download procedure for all these apps of WhatsApp are same. You already know that all of these applications are developed by a third party developer, that’s why you can’t download these applications directly from Google Play Store. You need to download these through an APK download file. The method to download these amazing and super duper applications are as follows:

Open APK File > Write name of WhatsApp (like AZ WhatsApp) in the search bar of the file > Allow the application to browse > Then select the application > Give access to complete the download > Wait for Download  > Click on Install > Ready to use 

Reason to use these WhatsApp APP

The question could arise as to why there is a need to utilize these after knowing that they all are mostly not end-to-end encrypted. Also, a few of them are not safe. The reason is that we should use any of these to interact with others in a different style. We can create new themes and new interfaces. After utilizing these applications , you can make your security system strong. You can type more characters in WhatsApp Status. 

Also, we can try these apps to make our messaging system super private and advanced. We all know that these above-mentioned features in every modificatilon of WhatsApp are not present in Official WhatsApp, that’s why I recommend you use all of these apps to make the Chatting Environment more attractive and stylish. 


To have a powerful security setup, you all should try these WhatsApp Apps. Because these all provide various and mesmerizing features to their users to make the interface more stylish, improve font style and size, increased the number of characters in Status, and many other new features. 


Can we download all the WhatsApp Apps from Google Play Store?

No, we can’t download these applications from Google Store, but we can download these WhatsApp Apps from an APK File without any query or difficulty

Which App of WhatsApp is best to use and Why?

GB WhatsApp is the best and most advanced extension app of WhatsApp. It is recommended because this application covers all the aspects that a user needs nowadays to make his texting environment more stylish.

How many people are using WhatsApp all over the world?

People in different countries are using WhatsApp Apps. The research shows the following results: Germany – 51.9M, Pakistan – 52.3M, Russia – 66.7M, United States – 91.3M, India – 535.8M

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