GB WhatsApp Vs FM WhatsApp | Which one is Best in 2024?

If we talk about GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp, In this modern time, everyone wants new and unique things. While we talking about the chatting system, we also want new features, a new colors scheme, new fonts, new emojis, and many other attention-grabbing things.

In this article, we are going to discuss the features of two chatting applications, GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp. Both these applications are used to send messages, images, videos, documents, etc. You can share your daily moments on Daily Status which can stay for 24 hours. 

gb whatsapp vs fm whatsapp

Now, we are going to compare both of these applications to finalize which one is best. Firstly we will have a glance at the features of both applications. This will help us to find which one should be chosen and why. So, Let’s start to look at their features. For learning more articles on comparison visit

GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp which one to choose? here are the two links for you. Before downloading read full article on GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp

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Features of GB WhatsApp Vs FM WhatsApp


These applications have various features to attract users to itself. The following are the features of both of these applications:

Privacy Setting

GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp have strong privacy settings. You can hide your Online Status, also you can hide your viewed status, you can freeze your last seen according to your’s choice. You can see the last seen of every contact on the main screen.

Customized Interface

In both of these applications, GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp you can customize your Interface according to your choice. You can change colors, themes, font style, font size, text style, and many other things in both of these applications. The Official WhatsApp does not provide this feature to its users.

Anti-Delete Messages

The amazing feature of GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp is that you can see the messages that have already been deleted by your any contact member. If your friend or family member sends you a text and then deleted it by his side, you can see the deleted message. To see the deleted messages, you have to set up the setting. 

For GB WhatsApp

Go to GB Setting > Go to Privacy And Security > Scroll Down > Allow the Anti-Delete Message Option from Chat Portion

FM WhatsApp

The procedure is the same as for FM WhatsApp

Anti-Delete Status

Similarly, if you are FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp user you are capable to see the deleted status of your contact members. Same as above, this feature also needs to be set. For this: Go to GB Setting > Go to Privacy and Security > Scroll Down > Allow the Anti-Delete Status option from Status Portion. 


GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp, allow their users to download new and a variety of themes. You can download plenty of themes from both of these applications.

New Emojis

Both GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp have several new emojis that are not present in the Original WhatsApp. This feature is very amazing for users.

Status Save option:

FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp have the option to save the status. Official WhatsApp lacks this feature. In Original WhatsApp, if we want to save any favorite status we need to download the Status Saver application. But, GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp provide the opportunity for their users to download any status with only one click. 

Sending Limit:

Original WhatsApp bounds its users to send only 30 pictures at a time. But now users are in search of such kind of application by which they can send large numbers of images, and bigger files at the same time. GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp are the applications that permit sending 30+ images at the same time. 

You can also send videos of large sizes from both of these applications. 

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is an application through which you can send images, files, recordings, and many other data in just one click. It is a Chatting application, just like Original WhatsApp Messenger. But, GB WhatsApp has many features that WhatsApp Messenger lacks. 


GB WhatsApp Pros

  • You can hide your Online Status.
  • You can freeze your Last seen.
  • You can see Anti-Delete messages and Status.
  • While using GB WhatsApp you can send up to 90 images.
  • This application permits you to send a 50 MB file.
  • With this application, the user is capable to send voice recordings of 100 MB. 
  • You can share the status of more than 5 minutes duration. 
  • You can customize the interface by using different colors and themes. 
  • You can make a group that contains 35 characters in Group Name.
  • GB WhatsApp also allows its user to write their Status consisting of 255 characters, while in Official WhatsApp you can only type 139 characters in one status.

GB WhatsApp Cons

Every application has many advantages, as well as a few disadvantages of that application is also present. Similarly, GB WhatsApp has a few disadvantages that are as follows:

  • This application, GB WhatsApp is not present on Google Play Store. To download this you have to download it through an APK File. 
  • Like Original WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp is not End-To-End Encrypted. This is because GB WhatsApp is an application that has been developed by a third party.
  • This amazing application lacks Oficial License.
  • There is a high risk of getting Banned from GB WhatsApp. 
  • In GB WhatsApp you will notifications to update this application after every week. If you don’t update this application, it could stop working immediately. 

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is an application similar to GB WhatsApp, carrying all the features just like that in GB WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp has been created by Fouad Mokdad. Now, have a glance at its amazing features.


FM WhatsApp Pros

  • You can Freeze Last seen.
  • You can retrieve messages and status if the sender deletes them.
  • In FM WhatsApp, you can send a high-resolution image.
  • You can send up to 50 images.
  • You can send Audio Recordings of more than 80MB. 
  • If you are using FM WhatsApp you’re capable to send large files up to 700MB.  
  • You are enabled to share the status of more than 1 minute in FM WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp Cons

A few disadvantages of FM WhatsApp are as follows:

  • While using FM WhatsApp you are not to report the bugs.  
  • This application is not maintained by Facebook, that’s why it will take some time to send an Update Message.
  • The risk factor is present in FM WhatsApp because it’s not the Official version of WhatsApp.

Comparison Between FM WhatsApp Vs GB WhatsApp

FactorsFM WhatsAppGB WhatsApp
DeveloperFM WhatsApp has been created by Fouad Mokdad.GB WhatsApp has been created by AlexMods
Social Media UpdatesTo stay updated, you need to Follow only Twitter and Telegram. While in GB WhatsApp, to stay updated you need to follow many platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and VKontakte.
FunctionalityThe functionality of FM WhatsApp is slightly less than that of GB WhatsApp.When we talk about functionality GB WhatsApp is the best option to opt for. You can send large files and also can send images up to 60.
Image ResolutionIn FM WhatsApp you are enable resize the original image and also you can set the image resolution.In GB WhatsApp, you can only send the original image as it is without any changing.

Risk Factor

Both applications FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are not End-To-End Encrypted, so there is a high-risk factor that both of these applications could be banned at any time, resulting in losing all of your data. 

Final Thoughts GB WhatsApp Vs FM WhatsApp

Both of these applications are very amazing and easy to use. Both applications have numerous features that are demanded nowadays by people. GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp have all the features that are absent in the Original WhatsApp. Also, both of these applications provide us with a strong security and privacy key, which is very essential. You can hide anything that you want. However, both of these applications are not End-To-End Encrypted but have a bundle of new varieties. 

 After thorough research, I conclude that both applications should be tried. GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp, both have a bundle of new features to attract the attention of users. 

After comparing both of these applications, I really must say that GB WhatsApp is the best among FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is easy and reliable to use. Also, there are more advanced features in GB WhatsApp than in FM WhatsApp. So, the conclusion is that GB WhatsApp is the best choice to select between FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. 

FAQs on GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp

Can we download GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp directly from Google Play Store?

No, we can’t download these applications from Google Play Store. Because these are created by third-party. We can download it using an APK file. 

Among GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp, which one should be chosen and why?

Among both of these applications, GB WhatsApp should be chosen. Because GB WhatsApp already has all the updated features that are added in FM WhatsApp now in its latest version. If you want to prefer a simple interface then FM WhatsApp is the right choice, but, if you want a more customized interface, then you should go towards GB WhatsApp.   

Are both applications similar?

Yes, both applications are almost similar to one another. Minor difference is present between both applications. 

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